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Hakuna Matata’s HappiSales Tracker is a user-friendly, customizable enterprise app that automates the sales process end to- end and can be integrated with enterprise systems. Allows sales personnel to access customer information, product literature, and marketing collaterals; receive, track and manage calls/pursuits; maintain customer profiles and dynamically record notes, and report performance and issues. Equips manages to view order board and track performance



Hakuna Matata’s HappiSales Tracker is a user-friendly, customizable enterprise app with the following benefits

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced productivity of sales processes and improved performance of sales staff

Real Time Informations

Dynamic decision-making and course corrections

Customer Delight

Responsive service through on the go issue logging, tracking and redressal

Business Predictability

Better predictability in sales performance through real time field data & analytics.

Operational Efficiency

Track your field personnel real time, monitor their travel plans and help them with insights to do things efficiently

Market Insights

Get connected to market by accessing field happenings, customers updates, and customer issues.


Sales tracker comes with powerful Analytics engine which scans, consolidates and presents your data beautifully to drive deeper insights.

Focus on right customer
  • Identifying and focusing on the right customer is very important for the success of the business. Sales tracker will identify the right customers by measuring return on investments and time spent, analyzing the relationship. ”
Benchmark sales performance
  • Best way to motivate new generation sales performance is giving their clearly defined targets and benchmark them & their group against the targets. ”
Identify Sales Patterns
  • Understand patterns of sales performance, travel, customer buying and identify deviations to be top of your game.


HappiSales Tracker is easy to use application which aids the field personnel to enter data with minimal effort.


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* 30 days free trail

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